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Manual timesheets are laborious for everyone involved. Managers tire of the approval process, flexible workers regard them as a chore, and your in-house team will grow weary of chasing people.

Boomerang Back Office can streamline the whole process. Simple to circulate, quick to complete, and easy to manage, our online timesheets remove the constant back-and-forth scenario that so many recruiters have to encounter, giving you the ability to seamlessly scale up.

By switching to our online timesheet service, you can free up precious hours on operational activity, allowing you to focus on sales, marketing and growth.

Boomerang Back Office Timesheets

Quick to complete, and easy to manage

Add value to clients by giving them a personalised timesheet solution

Effortless invoicing raised directly to clients for payment – no more chasing

Keep temps and contractors happy with easy-to-use mobile tech

Offer a clear display of which staff/clients are driving profit

Ensure a seamless approval process; complete in just one click

Boomerang Timesheets
Timesheet Portal
Timesheet Portal Expenses

Our Timesheet Portal doesn’t just replace your existing paper based system, our timesheet portal allows you to chase timesheets and then produce and pay invoices automatically, ensuring you can pay and bill faster.  With our Timesheet Portal you can:

Track start/end times, total hours, days or a combination thereof

Automatic overtime calculation

Append notes to timesheets

Single or multiple-stage approval processes

Support for paper-based signatures

Reporting on timesheets can be done hourly/daily

Support for weekly or monthly timesheets

Full audit history of timesheets - dates of submission, approval, etc

Your clients are able to report on all previously approved timesheets

"This has been an added benefit to our client and contractor"

Boomerang Back Office Timesheets


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