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The top 4 reasons people aren’t applying for your jobs

What do you do when you’re struggling to find enough candidates to interview for a role? It could be that people aren’t applying for one of these reasons.

Running a successful recruitment agency means being able to source a large number of candidates for job roles. However, what happens when nobody is applying for the positions you’re advertising? This is a sign that something needs changing, and to understand what, you’ll need to work out why people aren’t applying. Here are four common reasons you should be checking for:

Your client’s website isn’t up-to-scratch

What do you think is the first thing candidates do when they see a job posting in which they’re interested? According to a LinkedIn survey of around 26,000 people, the most common option is to look up the website of the company aiming to hire. If what they see puts them off, they probably won’t bother applying.

Encourage your clients to keep their websites up-to-date and professional. If possible, they should create a careers page to highlight the benefits of working for them and their company culture. This will prevent candidates being turned away at this early stage.

The details of the job are unclear

Liz Ryan, ex-Fortune 500 HR professional and leader of the Human Workplace movement, is clear about ‘red flags’ that indicate candidates should avoid certain jobs. For example, she wrote for Forbes that if the advert or recruiter is unclear about salary, working hours or job descriptions, professionals should avoid them at all costs.

Being open and specific about what each job entails and how much it pays is essential to ensure candidates want to apply for it. If the salary is negotiable, put down a reasonable range your client is willing to pay. Otherwise, candidates will assume the worst and expect the role to be poorly compensated.

The company culture seems intimidating

While some careers are best-suited to aggressive go-getters, advertising as such can put a lot of people off. Your candidates will be spending a huge chunk of their waking lives at work, and if they feel like they’re going to be miserable at a particular job, they won’t apply for it.

There are some obvious red flags to avoid, but one thing many recruiters don’t realise is that “must have a good sense of humour” is a phrase that can turn job seekers away. It can imply the company has an unprofessional culture, or that employees will be expected to turn a blind eye to inappropriate behaviour in the name of humour.

You’re emphasising salary over enjoyment

Salary is an important part of any job advert, but it’s not the element that most people are looking for. According to CV-Library, 83.6 per cent of Brits believe enjoying their job is an important measure of career success, compared to just 42.4 per cent who said the same thing about earning a high salary.

This should be reflected in job adverts. While you don’t want to show the company culture to be intimidating, as mentioned above, you also don’t want to avoid talking about it altogether. Mention how fulfilling the role can be, how open and welcoming the business is, and the opportunities it offers for training and professional growth.

Fixing these issues can be the key to ensuring you get plenty of applications for each job. The bigger the candidate pool, the more likely you will be able to find the best person for each position, so make sure your job adverts are up to scratch.

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