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The candidate-driven market

Candidate experience is an essential aspect of recruiting and can have significant positive effects for your agency if you can get it right. Read on to find out how.

One thing recruitment agencies and the HR departments of large firms have in common is they often neglect the candidate experience. As a job applicant, how you’re treated throughout the hiring process is important; it might seem like something small, but this can have major positive results if done well.

It’s not just about making sure prospective employees are happy; client experience is also about how intuitive the application is, how much communication occurs throughout the process and whether or not everything is clear and easy to understand.

Research shows this can have an impressive effect. TalentLyft found that 97 per cent of candidates who’ve had a positive recruitment experience would refer others to apply, and 95 per cent would be more likely to apply to the same firm or agency again. Other research found that 78 per cent of candidates would be much more likely to accept a job offer if they’d had a positive recruitment experience.

So what can you do to improve this metric? Here are NUMBER of our best tips to make sure your candidates have the best experience possible and are therefore more likely to take the job and recommend your clients.

1. Use video where possible

Anyone who has been online for any period of time in recent years will have noticed the increased prevalence of video. It’s been found time and time again that videos are more engaging than written content, and people are more likely to watch one than read an article. So why is your job information still written down?

You are more likely to engage and impress candidates if you make good use of video. However, you need to make sure you do so intelligently. Make your videos too long and without direction, for example, and you will lose candidates’ attention. Wistia found that two minutes is the maximum length before engagement starts to drop off, so aim for that if possible.

2. Utilise multiple channels of communication

You will likely gather many methods of communicating with your candidates. As well as an email address, you’ll likely have a mobile phone number and multiple social media links. So why would you stick to a single one of these when you need to talk to your applicants?

For example, if you want to call someone in for an interview, then email them the details and call them to confirm. On the call, you can ask how best to keep in touch with them, and offer to text or even Facebook message them a reminder the morning of the interview with any details. This is something LinkedIn does, and the company even texts candidates with traffic information in case they are delayed. Which brings us to…

3. Provide as much information as possible

Nobody applying for a job is going to complain about being too well-informed about it. If you want candidates to have the best possible experience, you need to provide them with clear facts about what they can expect from everything from the application process to the job to what their first day will be like if they are selected for the position.

Not providing these details can really harm your candidate experience. Software Advice found that the most common thing that negatively affects this experience is a lack of salary information, closely followed by the job description lacking detail, no information about the hiring process and no information on the job’s benefits.

4. Seek alternative application methods

Online application forms are all the rage, but how effective are they? The research suggests that they aren’t the best option available, with CareerBuilder finding that 60 per cent of candidates give up in the middle of an application due to the form’s complexity.

There are alternatives, but they require thinking outside the box. For example, you should consider the skills that the job will actually need, and test them instead of asking for an application. Is it a programming job? Give candidates a task such as creating a simple app to solve a problem, and give interviews to the best results.



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