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"We have been really impressed with the high service levels, genuine insight and responsiveness offered by the accounts team at Boomerang Back Office who came out and provided us with comprehensive tax advice and are always a pleasure to deal with. Boomerang Back Office consistently delivered an outstanding service while identifying extra services that actually add value to our business rather than just trying to upsell. One such area identified led to the design and implementation of a BI system to get more value out of the Data in our CRM, additionally, the team is always on hand to help us and nothing is too much trouble. The Boomerang team is a credit and we have been impressed with the service, adaptability and innovation they have shown in dealing with our businesses as we grow."

James Fowler


“The service from Boomerang has exceeded our expectations. They have given us the reassurance to know we are complying with the rules and regulations and also made our processes more efficient. The team are really friendly and proactive in helping us with queries and I would highly recommend using them.”

Stewart Williams

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“I would highly recommend the team at Boomerang when I was given less than a week’s notice from my current payroll provider that they were no longer able to assist us in paying our temporary staff, the team were reassuring, professional and highly efficient at a price I found competitive.  The notice came x2 days before I was going abroad on holiday so I was anxious about the transition; however, I can confirm that between my admin team and the Boomerang team I wasn’t contacted once while I was away and our temporary staff was paid, accurately and on time!”

Rebecca Thurlow


“Having had a successful career in recruitment for many years, I decided to set up on my own. The accountancy team have been a shining star. Not only did they help me with the basics of business set up but they helped my business grow. After I received support, I realised there was a lot that I didn’t understand beforehand. Now my business is heading in the right direction.”

Wilson Leung

Director, Unknown Recruitment Ltd
Langley James

“As our business has expanded and the number of contractors on our books has grown, it’s been difficult for me to keep on top of all the manual timesheets and payroll. The Team really just stepped in and helped us. This has been an added benefit to our client and contractor. We’ve worked with them for five years providing services to contractors, and as we grew, they helped me save time to spend on other more important things. I used to spend 3.5 hours per week chasing people and now it’s all just a click. Both our clients and contractors love the service. We think it’s enhanced our reputation. I have no hesitation recommending this service to others.”

Sue Coppell

Finance, Langley James

Boomerang have been supporting us for the last three months. I can undoubtedly say that after 8 years of running my own business and working with a multitude of accountancies along the way, Boomerang have by far been the most supportive, knowledgeable, proactive and thorough accountancy team I have ever worked with. I am extremely satisfied with the service and I would recommend your service to any small business without reservation. Thank you for your support! 

100% Back Office

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