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How to write a job description that converts

Crafting a successful job advertisement isn’t an easy thing to do, and how you describe the role can be the key factor in whether or not it can convert. Arguably one of the most important parts of recruitment is posting a job advert online. However, with so many different roles being advertised for all the…

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How to be successful in recruitment?

Wave Guest Blog

Employers that are still relying on traditional recruiting methods, channels and strategies like job boards are out of tune with current reality of recruitment landscape. When competitors are taking their recruiting efforts to a whole new level, you can’t afford to step up your recruiting game to attract top talent. CIPD has reported that 75%…

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The rise of QR codes in recruitment

QR Codes in Recruitment

Businesses have been benefiting from QR codes for years, but can Recruiters can benefit from using QR codes? The use of this technology has risen greatly in recent years. Here’s how your agency can benefit. QR codes are by no means a new technology, having been around for several years now. Many companies have made…

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Are Paper Timesheets Becoming Obsolete?

Paper Time Sheet

Timesheets are seen as a standard aspect of every business. But in an increasingly digital age, why are we still so reliant on paper versions? Many businesses use timesheets to track how long their employees have spent at work. This is nothing unusual; if your recruitment agency is paying people by the hour, you need…

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5 signs you need an accountant

Recruitment Accountant

How do you know you need an accountant if you’re self-employed? Here are a few of the signs to help you know whether or not it will be worth it. You might have started your recruitment agency due to a desire to be independent and in control of your job. This is a great reason…

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7 Top SEO tips for your Recruitment Website

If your recruitment agency needs to appear higher in organic search results, there are a few things you can do. Here are our top tips for SEO success. If you want to succeed in the recruitment business, you need to make sure you’re appearing online. This means focusing on search engine optimisation, or SEO. While…

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Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital

From April 2019 all businesses registered for VAT and with a turnover (of VAT able supplies) over £85,000 per year will be required to: keep their accounting records in a digital format (a software product or spreadsheet), and use compatible software (that can access HMRC’s API platform) to submit their VAT returns. This represents a…

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In 2019, recruiters must think more like marketers

Candidate Attraction

It is no longer enough to stick with the same old recruitment tactics; in the future, recruitment firms looking to find success need to think of themselves as marketers. Recruiters should always be on the lookout for new tactics and mentalities that can put them ahead of the competition. However, there’s one fundamental mindset that…

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3 tips to stay competitive in an oversaturated market

Stay Competitive

Recruitment agencies operate in a crowded market, and it’s crucial they take steps to stay ahead of their competitors. Here’s how to succeed in a busy industry. The recruitment business is an overcrowded and highly competitive industry, with new firms springing up while older agencies remain relevant. This makes it harder for companies to secure…

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Social Recruiting Turn Offs

Green Umbrella

I’m lucky. I get to work with independent recruiters up and down the UK who are excelling when it comes to ‘social recruiting’ and marketing their businesses online in general. I’d like to take some credit for that, of course, but the reality is that those successes are 100% related to the effort those recruiters…

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