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Accurate MI is the backbone to any successful business, and in today's competitive environment, growing revenue and protecting your profit margin is crucial.

With Boomerang Analytics, you gain a greater understanding of what is happening in your business, with accurate, real-time analytics you can see what is happening and perhaps more importantly, why it is happening which means you can act quickly.

With a simple dashboard that you can access anytime, anywhere and daily reports and updates, you can keep a close eye on not only your agency but your recruiter’s efficiency and profitability, allowing you to be more strategic and identify areas for growth.

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Daily Flash Reports

At a glance intelligence delivered to your inbox daily

Management Information

Our comprehensive dashboard gives complete oversight of your business


Effortless solutions which help you stay in control

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In order to increase revenue and reduce costs, we know that you are seriously reliant on data accuracy.

That’s why we provide Flash Report services exclusively to the recruitment industry. Our specialised service integrates seamlessly with your systems. It tracks all activity from the past 24 hours, signposting the most and least profitable areas of your business.

…. Not only does this keep you on top of your finances; it also helps point you to the areas of your business that warrant further attention.

Flash Reports offer refreshed perspective and increased control, helping you build a better business. Speak to our experts today for more information. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Visualised accurate, real-time data from your systems daily

Drill-down into revenue, placements and targets

Reports on revenue and channel management

Easily export data for presentations or analysis

Makes it easy to spot opportunities, such Time to Fill, Cost per Hire and Retention Rates

"I realised there was a lot that I didn’t understand beforehand. Now my business is heading in the right direction"

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