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Formul8 MI

Accurate MI is the backbone to any successful business, and in today's competitive environment, growing revenue and protecting your profit margin is crucial.

With FORMUL8, you gain a greater understanding of what is happening in your business, with accurate, real-time analytics you can see what is happening and perhaps more importantly, why it is happening which means you can act quickly.

With a simple dashboard that you can access anytime, anywhere and daily reports and updates, you can keep a close eye on not only your agency but your recruiter’s efficiency and profitability, allowing you to be more strategic and identify areas for growth.



Detailed reports with relevant actionable insights at the touch of a button

Management Information

Our comprehensive dashboard gives complete oversight of your business

System Integration

integrates directly with your CRM, accountancy, payroll and telephony systems

Recruiter leaderboards

Focus your team on targets and celebrate when job placements are made


With FORMUL8, you will gain a greater understanding of how your business is performing.

With accurate, real-time analytics, you can see what’s happening in your business and perhaps more importantly why it’s happening, which means you can act quickly.

KPMG reported that data-driven organisations are seeing upwards of 20% to 30% improvements in EBITDA due to unlocked efficiencies and more granular financial insight.

Leveraging big data will allow you to make strategic decisions that help you build a stronger, data-led business. Download the FORMUL8 Flyer.

Client and Candidate performance analysis

Vacancies analysis

Roles written and invoiced

Advertising analysis

Call analysis

Sales leaderboards

Spend reports i.e wages and advertising

"I realised there was a lot that I didn’t understand beforehand. Now my business is heading in the right direction"


We Integrate with world leading solutions

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Management Information

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