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It’s always about the people

If you’re running a recruitment business then every day you focus should be on the golden triangle.

Ensuring your client’s needs are being met, helping your candidates land the job they are after and motivating your people to be the best they can be.

You’re in the people business your fee earners are the only thing that makes the difference. Do they give discretionary effort? Are they going the extra mile? In the moments of truth do they do the right thing, do they go out of their way to get a result? Over the last 10 years of talking, interviewing and listening to recruitment leaders I think the majority understand this but only a very few know how to maximise the potential of their people.

Productive people who are excellent performers are at the heart of any great recruitment business. What’s the difference between your best performer and your worst? How more profitable would you be if all your consultants were performing as well as your star biller?

So what are the best leaders doing to make this happen?

There are 4 people drivers in a Recruitment business

1. Vision, purpose and culture

Is your firm a great place to work, do people know where you’re going and why you exist? Money isn’t a long term motivator so defining your purpose is critical to attracting and retaining the talent you need to grow revenue and profit.

2. Get coaches

The people that manage your fee earners are critical. They need to be coaches being able to provide context/people specific feedback.

Have you ensured all your team leaders can coach and develop? Do they create a positive vibe where everyone is stretching to learn from each other and make a difference every day?

3. Incentivise what you want to see

I think individual commission works and helps keep everyone focused on individual performance. But and it’s a big but you also need to align bonuses to the team and organisational performance. This stimulates good team behaviour and gets staff to help one another land a new client, share candidates and help each other learn. Teams always yes always beat individuals. By balancing and recognising team & business performance as well as individual performance you will improve the overall business results of the firm.

4. Hire for attitude

Don’t get attracted to the big biller who’s worked for lots of recruiters!

  • Why if they deliver such great results do they keep moving on?
  • Do you really want to be dependent on other peoples training, ethics and approach?
  • Hire people with the right attitude, self-motivated, have lead others in sport, music or drama, are they as good at listening as they are at talking and are they confident in themselves.
  • Hire these people, give them a good coach and train them relentlessly.

Do these four people things constantly and robustly and you and your business will reap the rewards.

Never forget we’re in the people business.


Guest Blogger

Kevin Green
Non-Executive Director
Ex CEO of Rec

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