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In 2019, recruiters must think more like marketers

It is no longer enough to stick with the same old recruitment tactics; in the future, recruitment firms looking to find success need to think of themselves as marketers.

Recruiters should always be on the lookout for new tactics and mentalities that can put them ahead of the competition. However, there’s one fundamental mindset that is holding many professionals in this industry back: they aren’t thinking enough like marketers. This might seem like an odd perspective, but it is one that can lead to great success.

The problem many recruiters face is finding candidates who are actually looking for the positions you have to offer them. The internet has put more power in the hands of job-seekers, as social media and sites like Glassdoor mean skilled professionals feel like they can find the right openings for themselves without leaving their computer.

In order to attract these individuals, it is necessary to change your mentality. Instead of interrupting them with job openings, you need to think about how to grab their attention, what motivates them, the media they consume, and so much more. In other words, you need to start thinking like a marketer.

Bringing candidates to you

In marketing, there has been a profound shift from ‘interruption’ tactics to what is known as ‘inbound marketing’. Essentially, you may struggle to attract an audience using traditional advertising nowadays, as people are becoming less influenced and more annoyed by it. For example, on TV most people have the ability to fast-forward through adverts now.

For recruiters, this applies to the old tactics of finding prospective candidates and getting in touch with them about job openings. You will have a lower rate of success using these tactics; if you want to find the best talent, you will usually have to approach people who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job, who’ll be much less receptive to your offers.

Rather than interrupting these people, it is much more effective to get them to come to you. This is where thinking like a marketer comes in. You need to get top talent to seek you out, making them more receptive to what you have to offer. Working out how to do that is a key aspect of marketing thought.

Offer them something of value

One of the main aspects of modern marketing is providing your potential audience with something of value, in order to attract them to your business. Online, this most commonly comes in the form of content. This can be a blog, a video or animation, an infographic or anything else that provides an audience with something useful.

The key is to craft something that people will want to absorb and to do this it has to provide genuine value to your audience. In the case of recruiters, it might be worth thinking about how to attract skilled professionals who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job, so won’t be interested in content surrounding this topic.

If you work primarily in a particular industry, you could offer useful advice and information for that sector. You could also provide content surrounding how to progress in your current job, but with a caveat that you should always consider switching to a new employer if you aren’t getting ahead in your current position.

 Promote yourself in the right areas

Once you have created content, you need to think about how you will get it in front of the people you are trying to attract. To do this, you might need to build up a picture of your audience. What websites – particularly social media – do they typically use? Where else do they congregate online?

If you know this information, you will stand a better chance of correctly promoting your content. Social media posts can reach a wide audience, but it is better to focus on a smaller group of people who are more likely to respond well to your content if possible.

This is just one example of how you can think like a marketer. The key things to bear in mind are to focus on how you can get candidates to come to you, rather than seeking them out yourself. This is a more efficient way to recruit and can be a route to success for agencies looking for a way to stand out from the competition.

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