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How to be successful in recruitment?

Employers that are still relying on traditional recruiting methods, channels and strategies like job boards are out of tune with current reality of recruitment landscape. When competitors are taking their recruiting efforts to a whole new level, you can’t afford to step up your recruiting game to attract top talent.

CIPD has reported that 75% of UK HR professionals have experienced recruitment difficulties. We tracked what leading employer brands are doing differently to present the top tips on how to be successful in recruitment.

1. Treat candidates like “customers”

In this age of digital disruption, candidates’ expectations from your business have changed. They demand the same personalised experiences that they get on Airbnb, Uber or Amazon. A study revealed that nearly 60% of job seekers had had a poor candidate experience, out of which 72% shared that experience online on an employer review site, such as Glassdoor, on a social networking site, or directly with a colleague or friend. When unhappy candidates share their negative experience online, it damages your brand. One way to tackle this issue is to be proactive and borrow tactics from sales and marketing function. A well-designed career site, mobile-friendly application process, timely follow up, and feedback is some of the ways you can treat candidates like customers.

2. Strengthen your employer brand with content marketing

Having a stronger employer brand gives an edge to the recruiters when reaching job seekers. 75% of professionals research a company online before considering a job opportunity. This shows employer brand matters to them. It is the total of what current and potential employees think of the company as an employer. The goal is to differentiate from the competitors and become an employer of choice. Start with mapping out your candidate personas, i.e. their needs, goals and behavioural patterns. Once done, tailor your content to match and focus on the most relevant channels. Showcase your company’s information in a way that it pulls candidates and engage them in a two-way conversation, thus building a long-term relationship.

3. Use data and analytics to optimise hiring decisions

The days of relying on luck and intuition are gone; with the plethora of software and analytical tools available on the market, businesses are using people analytics to draw data to find right talent at a lesser cost and in a more efficient way. Forward-looking firms are mining data to find out what their superior employees look like, identify the best channels to invest in for your recruitment campaigns, understand the bottlenecks that are increasing their time-to-hire etc. Data will help you see what worked and what didn’t, basis which you can take your future hiring decisions.

4. Strategies how to win passive candidates:

Recruiting passive candidates is tough. With 73% of candidates being passive jobseekers, it is crucial to adapt your recruitment strategy. It isn’t just about finding them but also screening and engaging them in active conversation. Start by using social media and employee referrals to reach passive candidates. When asking for a reference, instead of asking “Do you know anyone looking for a job?” you should ask, “Do you know anyone with XYZ skills?” You may also use specialised sourcing tools. Passive candidates are happy with their current jobs, so they might not jump to catch what you offer. This doesn’t mean you give up. Understand their motivations and personalise your messaging. Nurture them to keep the relationship warm and build brand engagement.

5. Build an excellent talent pipeline:

In a survey, 46% of hiring managers cited “lack of time” as the primary reason for not building a talent pipeline, while 29% cited the costs. What most recruiters don’t realise is that the initial investment of time in creating a talent pipeline pays off in the long run. Keep a tab on what’s happening in your business, what are the crucial positions, which ones are harder to fill etc. Take out time from your busy schedule to attend networking events and do informational interviews. Ensure to keep the conversations going with promising candidates by personalising your messages and staying visible.

It is a no secret that recruiting top talent is a big deal, but with these successful recruitment practices, you are sure to make an impact!

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