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Employer branding for your recruitment agency

In order to succeed in the world of recruitment, you’ll need a talented team. But how can you recruit the best people in a competitive market?

Of all the resources a recruitment agency works with, the most important is talented staff. Skilled employees will do more to make your company money than any elaborate software or high-end premises will. However, the right workers can be hard to find and even harder to bring on board.

Recruitment is a busy industry, and the most skilled potential employees are likely to get snapped up eagerly by competitors if you don’t think carefully about your company’s branding. While you might think this is something to attract clients, it can also be used to entice top talent into working for your agency.

With well-thought-out branding, you can make sure your company’s image reflects how good it is to work for you and shows off your office culture. This will attract the best potential employees, giving you a better chance of hiring the skilled workers you need. Here are our top tips for improving your branding as a great employer:

Market your methods

One of the most important aspects of good employer branding is to sell the everyday aspects of your agency. After all, prospective hires will want to know what they’ll be doing for the majority of the time they’re at your firm. The key is to know how to market the mundane and excite potential employees about your day-to-day work.

For example, if you emphasise KPIs and meeting targets, you should think about branding your work style as ‘structured’ or highlighting the potential for driven, competitive employees to find success. Make it seem exciting rather than stressful, and emphasise the benefits that can be gained from hard work.

If this doesn’t sound like your agency, then think about how else to brand your working style. Perhaps you could highlight the creativity or people skills that you utilise each day, for example.

Emphasise your culture

Every company has a culture, and this is something that has become surprisingly important to prospective hires. The social aspect of work should not be underestimated, and when you brand your company it is important to showcase what new employees can expect when they sign off each day.

For example, do you regularly have staff nights out? This will appeal to many, so it’s something to highlight. On the other hand, your workforce might have a monthly book club, or a cycle-to-work scheme. All of these say something about the overall company, so it’s important to think about how you will viewed before you emphasise one of them over another.

Highlight non-salary benefits

While salary is important, there are other benefits that many potential hires will value just as much. Many of these are also low-cost, so implementing them could be a good idea in order to attract talent. For example, an increasing number of people value the ability to work flexibly, doing their job from home if necessary and having more control over the specific hours they work.

You might also have benefits such as free gym membership, or schemes to help employees purchase things like bikes and laptops. You might be surprised how much these appeal to potential hires, and emphasising them in your branding can go a long way towards attracting the right people.

Show how new hires can progress

One of the things many younger professionals are looking for more than salary is an opportunity to progress in a career. It is becoming more popular to look at jobs in the long run, searching for positions that offer promotions and opportunities for high salaries later in life. As such, this is something your branding should emphasise.

If you have a structured promotion scheme, show it off. The most talented individuals often like to see exactly how they can move up the ladder, so this is a great way of getting them thinking about being at your company long-term. You should also emphasise training and skills development, as these are increasingly being seen as valuable aspects of any potential job.

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