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‘All in just a click…’ Sue Coppell from Langley James shares her experience about how they created operational efficiencies and how this enables further growth.

Langley James


Set up by James Toovey, Langley James has been established for almost 20 years. They are a specialist IT recruitment firm placing both contractors and permanent staff. With over 900,000 registered candidates, they employ 12 talented individuals with offices in both London and Chester. They offer a unique service which prides itself on recruiting someone who is worth recruiting.


Langley James has grown rapidly due to their excellent offering. With big ambitions to grow further, they needed to create operational efficiencies without increasing the cost to the business. Langley James has worked with the us for over five years, as they experience growth, they have needed to adapt.

Sue found that she was spending 3.5 hours per week chasing people for manual timesheets. This was both frustrating for her, the contractors and employers alike. As the book increased, this was becoming an impossible task along with her other duties. She also spent several hours per week carrying out payroll duties.


Langley James’s key contact at Boomerang, has over 8 years of international recruitment experience including setting up and growing recruitment businesses and has first-hand knowledge of exactly what issues recruitment businesses face. He has helped recruitment businesses suffering from financial difficulties to ones experiencing year on year growth. When he heard about the challenges that Sue was facing, he knew exactly how to help.

We suggested the implementation of the our Timesheet and Payroll System, turning these manual processes online. This sounds simple but when considering the stakeholders involved e.g. all managers at the respective employers along with the contractors, this required a quick and reliable re-education programme, a robust implementation process and an easy to use system that can be accessed by anyone on their mobile.


Implementing the new process and system has meant it takes contractors about 30 seconds to upload the hours worked, and managers even less time to approve the hours. As Sue likes to put it, ‘all just a click’.

The implementation was straight forward. Naturally, at the beginning there were a couple of teething problems but with help from the implementation team around after hours to help it meant that we could iron out issues quickly and efficiently. ‘The implementation team have been brilliant; they were there when I needed them’.

Adding the payroll services has enabled Langley James to focus on what they do best, recruitment! The workers can view their payslips online, request holidays removing paper forms and the need to reprint payslips when requested.

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