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Building a brand people want to work for

Recruitment can be made much easier by improving your brand so that candidates are queuing up to work for you. Here’s how you can achieve this.

Recruiting new employees can be an incredibly expensive process. Research suggests it can cost almost £3,300 to hire a new member of staff, and replacing a salaried employee can lose a business the equivalent of six to nine months of that worker’s yearly wages. However, there are tactics that can be employed to reduce this.

One of these is to create a brand that people want to work for. A business like Google, for example, will not struggle to find talented candidates when hiring, as most people would recognise what an excellent opportunity that would be for their career. Of course, a large part of that is due to how huge Google is.

So what can smaller businesses do to increase hiring and employee retention? Here are 3 tips that any company can use to improve their brand and make recruitment easier, simply by showing their organisation to be a place at which people would want to work.

1.  Start by enticing candidates

A lot of the strategies you will see for this are long-term, but there is one area you can focus on straight away: your job advertisements. Everyone from HR departments to recruitment agencies can benefit from tailoring their job descriptions to make the company for which they’re hiring seem more attractive.

This is something Kathy Steele, chief visionary at Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology, recommends. Writing for Forbes, she said: “Improve job descriptions with content that speaks to the candidate’s professional aspirations.

“For instance, ‘be a part of a team that solves the biggest problems of Fortune 500 companies’ is more compelling than ‘we’re looking for a communication specialist with good problem-solving skills’.”

2.  Look for more than just an employee

At LinkedIn’s TalentConnect Conference, Nellie Peshkov – vice president of talent acquisition at Netflix – pointed out that their recruiters don’t use terms like employee. Instead, they refer to candidates as “stunning colleagues” or “partners”.

This shows candidates they are likely to be highly-valued if they work for Netflix, which is the image the company tries to get across. You don’t want people to think you’re looking for another cog in the machine. Instead, you want them to be excited by the prospect of working as an integral part of a business that is happy they’re there.

3.  Create or optimise your Employee Value Proposition

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a simple document that defines the benefits your company offers candidates as an employer. They’re growing in popularity, with around 61 per cent of companies saying they have developed an EVP. However, this isn’t something you should undertake lightly.

The best way to create a truly engaging and attractive EVP that will help you improve your employer branding is to talk to as many people in your company as you can. If the proposition just comes from a firm’s decision-makers, it will have less impact. Survey your staff to uncover what they like about you as an employer.

These will help you build a brand people want to work for!

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